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HOMESYS 2014 workshop

HomeSys 2014 is a one-day workshop, to be held on the 13th of September 2014, in Seattle, Washington, USA as part of ACM UbiComp 2014. HomeSys is sponsored by Technicolor and ...

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MirageOS is in Google Summer of Code 2014

The Mirage operating system released by the UCN partners University of Cambridge and University of Nottingham, has been selected for Google Summer of Code and the Open Source Projects for ...

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HOMESYS 2014 workshop report

Technicolor and the User-Centric Networking project supported the workshop to fund students to attend the workshop and the subsequent UbiComp/ISWC conference, which was greatly appreciated by all involved. Over 40 attendees ...

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First open-source version of the Mirage operating system

The UCN partners University of Cambridge and University of Nottingham have released the first open-source version of the Mirage operating system, available freely at openmirage.org. A complete article about Mirage ...

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There is a staggering amount of online content available today on the Internet. Spurred by ubiquitous connectivity, fast bandwidth, and virtually limitless online storage, people are uploading and consuming data at a remarkable rate. We are currently on the cusp of a paradigm shift in where, when, and how users consume content.

Users often do not know what content they want, even less so ahead of time. Thus better content recommendation mechanisms are needed to help users discover more relevant content.

UCN challenge is how to re-center future connected media services on the user and develop improved content recommendation and content delivery frameworks by taking into account rich user context information.